Description Free Enterprise
Personal & Commercial Use Wayk Now can be used in a business environment or for personal use.
No Installation Required Start and use the application instantly, without installation or elevated privileges.
Remote Assistance & Remote Support Quickly assist a remote user by gaining access to their computer or allow someone to take over your computer.
LAN Access Access any remote computer that is on the local network.
Peer-to-Peer Connectivity Over the Internet Access a remote computer from anywhere using Wayk Den, our cloud service that provides peer-to-peer connectivity over the Internet.
Built-in Chat Communicate instantly with end-users directly from Wayk
File Transfer Send or receive files between computers. Transfer multiple files from both sides simultaneously.
Clipboard Sharing Copy and paste files, images, and text from one computer to another using clipboard interoperability.
Multi Monitor Navigate easily between multiple monitors connected to the remote computer.
Remote Access Control Control access to resources shared by the remote computer when someone is connected.
TLS 1.2 Encryption All communications are secured using strong TLS 1.2 encryption with certificate validation.
Cross-Platform Works on all major operating systems. (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android)
Mobile Apps Application is available on iOS and Android.
Session Recording Record and capture session activity.
Multi Concurrent Sessions Open multiple remote connections simultaneously and easily navigate between them.
Remote Execution Execute a range of commands and scripts on a remote computer.
Wayk Den On-Premise Support Install the Wayk Den server on-premise, unlocking more advanced features.
Unattended Access Access unattended computers and servers, so no one needs to be on the other side of the computer to grant you access.
Technical Support Technical support offered to all our users to answer any of your questions.