Features and Highlights

On-Demand Sessions

Easily connect to any remote computer within your local area network, or over the Internet.

Remote Access Control

Manage and define access to certain resources shared by the server when someone connects.

File Transfer & Clipboard Sharing

Seamlessly send and receive files as well as copied clipboard data between all your devices.

Built-In Chat

Improve communication between you and the end user with a convenient built-in chat window.

Simple & Secure

Simplify and secure your remote support procedures with fast deployment and an easy-to-use interface.


Provide support to devices using your favorite operating systems. We support Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android, all with the same rich feature set.


Easily install our small downloadable package usable without installation or elevated permissions.

Secure Access

Communicate between devices using strong TLS 1.2 encryption and certificate validation.

Enterprise Ready

Facilitate troubleshooting and save time with enterprise features like unattended access, concurrent sessions & remote execution.

Remote Execution

Execute multiple types of commands and scripts on a remote computer such as batch script, PowerShell and many more.

Concurrent Sessions

Easily manage multiple remote connections simultaneously while quickly navigating between them.

Unattended Access

Remotely access other devices running Wayk Now without the end user having to be present.

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Product Overview

Designed for help desks and IT admins to quickly and easily connect to remote computers and servers.

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Associated Software

Wayk Now is also built into the Enterprise Edition of Remote Desktop Manager (RDM), which centralizes all remote connections on a unified platform. It offers the same rich-feature set for all platforms, and in all our products.

Available on iOS & Android