Features and Highlights


Maximize security by deploying Wayk Den in an environment that you control, either on-premises or in the cloud.


Facilitate meeting strict security requirements for your organization by hosting Wayk Den on-premises.

In the Cloud

Keep tight control over Wayk Den by deploying it inside a virtual machine hosted by a trusted cloud vendor such as Microsoft Azure.

Control Traffic Relays

Choose between using our own relay servers with Wayk Den or deploy your own for maximum control over the peer-to-peer traffic.

Asset Management

Centralize the management of all your machines in Wayk Den and access them easily with Wayk Now.

Access Machines on Separate Networks

Connect to machines on separate networks without trouble, no VPN or additional configuration required.

Unattended Access

Register machines for unattended access and connect to them at any time without user intervention.

Machine Listing

View a list of machines that you can launch connections to easily from the Wayk Den web interface.

Centralized Dashboard

Manage all of your machines from a centralized dashboard that puts you in the control seat.

User Management

Control user permissions with a powerful role-based access control (RBAC) system.

Role-Based Access Control

Apply granular control over resources through role assignments on users and groups.

User Management by Groups

Simplify role assignments for a large number of users by organizing them into groups.

Active Directory Integration

Map to your existing users through LDAP integration with Active Directory.

Session Audit Trails

Keep track of who is using which sessions in real time or inspect detailed activity audit trails.

Session Activity Tracking

Inspect a session history for information such as session time, session duration, client and server information.

Live Session Status

Never be in the unknown, in Wayk Den you will always be aware if someone is accessing a machine in real time.

Who, What, When?

See who connected to which machine, and when.

Associated Software

Wayk which is being segmented in two different solutions, Wayk Now and Wayk Den is an all-in-one remote access and remote machine management platform. Working alongside Devolutions Password Hub (DPH), Devolutions Server (DVLS) or Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) to safely store your connections credentials, Wayk becomes IT Professionals' one-stop solution to manage extensive number of target systems through a single platform.


The Wayk Den licensing model is similar to Wayk Now, with a Free and an Enterprise edition available. The Free edition is free for personal and commercial use, while the Enterprise edition unlocks advanced features.

While Wayk Den itself is free, client connections using Wayk Now require a Wayk Now Enterprise subscription. In other words, if you connect to a remote machine using Wayk Now and a private Wayk Den, you need a Wayk Now Enterprise subscription. However, machines that receive connections do not require a license, even if they are managed through a private Wayk Den.

Wayk Now Enterprise licenses should be added to Wayk Den and assigned to specific users rather than being added directly in Wayk Now. The user should log in to Wayk Den from the Wayk Now application and let the server manage licensing automatically.

Amid the situation regarding COVID-19, Wayk Den including unlimited access with Wayk Now Enterprise is now completely free for the next 6 months.

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