Features and Highlights


Maximize security by deploying Wayk Bastion in an environment that you control, either on-premises or in the cloud.

Traffic Relay Control

Keep absolute control over peer-to-peer traffic with private Devolutions Gateway relay servers.

Deployment Automation

Deploy Wayk Agent automatically on a large number of machines with registration to Wayk Bastion.

Container Security

Benefit from the security of container isolation on Windows and Linux.

Access Management

Centralize the management of all your machines in Wayk Bastion and access them easily with Wayk Client.

Unattended Access

Register machines for unattended access and connect to them at any time without user intervention.

Audit Trails

Keep track of who is using which sessions in real time or inspect detailed activity audit trails.

Web Client

Choose between the web client and the native application when launching remote sessions from the browser.

User Management

Control user permissions with a powerful role-based access control (RBAC) system.

Role-Based Access Control

Apply granular control over resources through role assignments on users and groups.

User Management by Groups

Simplify role assignments for a large number of users by organizing them into groups.

Active Directory Integration:

Map to your existing users through LDAP integration with Active Directory.

Remote Desktop Manager Integration

Enjoy first-class Remote Desktop Manager integration.

Wayk Remote Desktop

Access remote desktop on all platforms: Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Wayk RDP

Connect to RDP from anywhere without a VPN or Remote Desktop Gateway.

Wayk PowerShell

Launch PowerShell sessions within Remote Desktop Manager.

Remote Support

Provide remote assistance to end users efficiently with Wayk Client and the right feature set.

File Transfer & Clipboard Sharing

Seamlessly send and receive files as well as copied clipboard data between all your machines.

Built-in Chat

Improve communication between you and the end user with a convenient built-in chat window.

Session Recording

Record remote desktop sessions as video files to be reviewed later.

MSP Ready

Connect without effort to machines on all platforms with the highest level of security.


Manage multiple customers within a single multi-tenant deployment that enforces isolation and security.


Manage machines running Windows, macOS and Linux from all platforms, including Android and iOS.

Concurrent Sessions

Easily manage multiple remote connections simultaneously while quickly navigating between them.

Wayk Client

Wayk Client is used by technicians to establish remote desktop connections to machines managed by Wayk Bastion. Wayk Agent needs to be installed on the target machine and connected to the same Wayk Bastion.

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Wayk Agent

Wayk Agent is installed on all machines managed by Wayk Bastion. The system service from Wayk Agent reports its state to Wayk Bastion and exposes remote desktop connectivity to technicians using Wayk Client. Wayk Agent deployment can be automated at large scale with machine registration to Wayk Bastion.

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Technicians require an assigned Wayk Bastion Client Access License (CAL). Wayk Bastion CALs are assigned to individual users, such that 10 Wayk Bastion CALs are needed for 10 technicians. While Wayk Bastion CALs can be reassigned as needed, they are not considered "floating" or "concurrent" as seen elsewhere.

A Wayk Bastion CAL unlocks all advanced features for a given user, including unlimited concurrent sessions. For a large number of technicians, unlimited user licensing is the recommended option. As for Wayk Agent, it does not require a license, regardless of the number of machines.

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Associated Software

Wayk Bastion can be used as a standalone remote access management solution for managed service providers (MSPs). It can also integrate with Remote Desktop Manager (RDM), which is Devolutions’ remote desktop management centralized platform. Establishing remote desktop connections with both tools, alongside Wayk Client, empowers MSPs to support their customers by relying on a strong zero trust strategy.